Thursday, February 23, 2012

One More Week

It feels strange knowing that a week from today will be my last day of working at Office Depot. Part of me is excited. Part of me is scared. Part of me is sad. It will be nice to not have to worry about finding someone to watch Kay, and being able to stay home and watch her grow up. But I know I will miss working with pretty much everybody there. I'll just have to make sure I go back to visit. I'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life, and hope I can be a good wife and mother. I have to teach myself how to do all the things required to be such! It will take a lot of practice, and I hope I don't give up too quickly. Maybe with the support of my friends and family, I can learn to be the best Stay-at-home Mommy for Kay, and an awesome housewife for Rex. I do know that I will have to find a few hobbies, otherwise I may go stir crazy!!! Wish me luck, and say some prayers for me. I know I will need plenty of both!

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