Thursday, June 26, 2008

Never too late!

Hello to all my readers! I'm sorry I've gotten so behind in my blogging! I've been experiencing some serious craziness, with trying to finish all my classes by the end of August. I have to take four classes by then. I know, I know. I must have lost my mind, right? Probably, but I have faith that I can do it, and anytime I don't have the strength to do it by myself, I will pray to God for the additional "oomph" that I need. It will probably only get crazier! Oh well, once I complete these courses, I'm done for good! I won't have to go to school anymore! (Unless I get a wild hair, and decide to go back to school for my Master's. I don't see that happening, so all is well!)

As far as updates for the Journey:

Graduating seniors will be moving up to join us, either at the College-age Group on Tuesday nights (led by Evan & Adda), or at Fuel on Fridays. Whichever they decide, they are always welcome!

Young Women's group (led by Ellie) has moved to Tuesday nights at 6pm, instead of Monday nights.

Young Men's group has been put on hiatus for the summer. We'll keep you posted with any changes. Check periodically for details.

We have a new addition to our Childcare Leaders: Jodie! She has finally decided to be apart of the Journey Ministry! We're happy to have her!

There's only one more week to Be the Difference in helping the Tunde and Friends ministry! Since the beginning of May, we've asked Journey members to donate their recyclables every week at Fuel. This is your last chance! You can either turn in the recyclables yourself, and donate the money to Tunde and Friends, or you can rinse them out and bring them to Fuel, so we can do it for you. Or you can just write a check to Centerpoint Church, and in the memo write "Tunde and Friends". However you feel moved to help, it will be a blessing to their ministry.

Fourth of July Fun in the Forest: We need your money in by this Sunday! That's $30 for two nights, or $25 if you need to come home by Saturday. You can pay Shawn on Friday or Sunday. The details are as follows:
· 2 nights camping at Mt. San Jacinto State Park (showers & bathrooms available; you bring your own camping equipment).
· Friday, July 4, 1pm, through Sunday, July 6, 1pm.
· 5 meals, FUEL in the forest, Summer Sports Series, hiking & more!
· All for only $30. THAT'S TEN DOLLARS A DAY!!! (and it INCLUDES GAS!!!). Payment in full secures your spot.
· All money must be in on or before June 29.
· If you have to be back early: We are only allowed 2 vehicles for every 8 people. So as long as you ride up with 2-3 other people who need to be back early, you can ride back together too. And if you HAVE TO leave on Saturday, I will knock $5 off your camping price, which means you'll only have to pay $25.
· Have any questions?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Changes for the Journey.........

There will no longer be groups on Mondays.

The Young Women's Group has been moved to Tuesdays at 6pm. For questions and information, contact our group leader Ellie by e-mail at

The Young Men's Group is on hiatus, until Pastor Shawn has decided where the group is going. He's hoping to find a more exciting way to get more young men involved.

All other groups will still be meeting on their regular days, at their regular times. For more information about all these groups, visit, and click on the small groups link.

As for Fuel, Rex will be teaching this month. Come visit us this month on Fridays, to hear what new things he will teach us about God's Word. Rex has a lot of knowledge about the Bible, and I'm sure he's looking forward to sharing it with us.

Check out The Journey's blog at every week, and see what our Journey leaders have to share. It's the one place you can get the thoughts from several of our leaders, without having to go to several different websites. It's also a good way to keep in touch with what activities we have going on. You never know what you might discover when you visit our blog page! Come visit anytime!