Thursday, January 27, 2011

Walking and Weight Loss Buddies

I'm looking for several people who are interested in losing weight and getting healthier, to help get me motivated. I don't do very well on my own, and the more the merrier. I know not everybody is available all the time, so if we have a group of people who are all working together, we can keep going strong! That way, if one or two people can't make it that day, then will still have a few more who can! Please let me know if you are interested, and any ideas you might have for activities. I've already started by drinking more water, and trying to eat healthier by snacking on fruits, veggies, yogurt, and cottage cheese. Also going to try to add more chicken and turkey to my meals, instead of red meat. (Of course, since I love red meat so much, I'll have to have it occasionally, so I can keep from overdoing it). Come on guys and gals! Both Rex and I could use your help, because I'm pretty sure he's already on board with this!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weight Loss Woes

For those of you who might have missed my post on Facebook last week- I need to lose 100 lbs this year, and don't know how to go about doing it. I got a lot of great suggestions from my friends, and have already started drinking more water than I was (not as much as I should, but definitely more), and I'm hoping when Rex and I go grocery shopping this afternoon, we can buy more fruits and veggies, and maybe some fish and nuts (not sure what kind to buy, because I'm pretty picky). I don't know what other kinds of "healthy" foods to get. I've never really bought any before, because my weight didn't bother me enough to do anything about it. Well, now it does. Mostly because of my little girl. I want to be healthy for her. I want to live a long life, and watch her grow up, get married, have babies of her own. I can't do that, if I die of a heart attack or some other health issue because of my weight! I can barely keep up with her, and I want to be able to run around and play with her, and teach her to be active.

It was much easier for me when I was a child, because I had and older brother and sister that chased me around (until they moved out), then I had PE in junior high school, and marching band in high school. All of those things kept me active, and though I was never skinny, I was healthy! It seemed like once I hit college, that was the beginning of the end. Everything went down hill from there. I ate all the junk food that they sold on campus, but didn't have much t keep me active. Most of my friends just "hung out", and sat around between classes (and sometimes through classes). then of course all the drinking I did when I was younger (with the same friends). When I was 20, I got a job working at a women's plus size clothing store, and had more money to spend on junk food! Sure, I was on my feet and somewhat active, but with getting off work at 9pm or after, I would often be hungry and eat a full meal when I got home. So not only was I eating unhealthy food, I was eating at the wrong times. With my work schedule being so unpredictable (no set hours), I couldn't eat meals at around the same time every day, and I couldn't do the "5 small meals a day", because I couldn't eat while I was working! (Plus I was still drinking occasionally, and alcohol puts weight on you!)

So......I have had 16 years of low activity and bad eating habits, that have made me lazy and turned me into the overweight person I am today. Everyone keeps telling me, you have to "make it a lifestyle change". I agree, but since I've had bad habits pretty much half my life, that's not going to be easy! I can't do this alone. I'm unmotivated and lazy, and easily discouraged. I need a support system, and I know my wonderful husband will do his best to help, but he is often as unmotivated as I am! We both need someone who can keep us BOTH going, who can encourage us to keep going and press on, and who can hold us accountable for our actions/decisions. We need a "weight loss buddy" (or buddies) to help keep us on track, and maybe we can do the same for them! (We're always better at encouraging others, than we are at encouraging ourselves). Any takers? Please apply now!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm the mother of a TWO YEAR OLD??!!

I can't believe my baby just turned 2 on January 7th!. These past two years have gone by so quickly! I remember when she was just a tiny little baby, totally dependent on Mommy and Daddy. Now she's a rambunctious toddler that wandres all over the place, and only needs Mommy and Daddy to prepare her food (she can feed herself), change her diaper (not potty trained yet), change her clothes (hasn't mastered the on and off by herself, but helps a lot!), kiss her boo-boos when she falls down, and read her books (because she understand all the words). I can't BELIEVE this!! Pretty soon, she won't need Mommy and Daddy to do anything for her (except maybe prepare her food for her, until she reaches junior high or high school)! As much as I complained about certain things when she was little, I don't want her to grow up! I wish she could stay this age forever. She's still cute, but she's so smart! Unfortunately, I have now choice, and I just have to watch helplessly as she gets older, and just do my best to help mold her into the person God wants her to be.

(I chose the current picture for my profile, because it was me at about her age. She looks so much like I did at this age!)