Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Working Mommy?

I have been looking forward to finding a job for over a year now. It was something I've always wanted to do. My goal is to find a reasonable paying full time job, so Rex can quit his job and stay home. I really like my new job, and I'm glad it's only part time for now. (Especially since we only have one car right now.) My baby needs me home as much as possible. She's too young for me to be gone most of the time. Apparently, she's not handling the transition very well. She's mostly fine about being home with daddy, and seems to enjoy her time with her Nana, but she still seems to be having issues come bed time. (Of course it doesn't help that she's stuffed into her carrier to come pick me up from work, instead of being put into bed.) We really need to get a second car somehow, so Rex can put the baby to bed on the nights I work until after 8pm. Our poor baby needs to be able to keep a schedule, so she doesn't get confused. Rex also thinks that the baby misses me, and won't calm down sometimes. She's good most of the time, but it seems like she's already missing me, and she's only three months old! I really hope Rex and I can figure out something real soon. I don't want to put the baby through anymore stress. Please pray for us, that we can either get a second car, or that we're able to figure out a way to make my working a smooth transition for our baby.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I got the job!

I received the call on Monday! The store manager called and send the drug test and background check both came back clean. She offered me the position (cashier, minimum wage) and asked if I was still interested. I told her I was, and she asked me if I could come in on Saturday. I said of course, and she said we would be doing paperwork, and going over cash register procedures. The shift is only from 12:30 to 4, but it's a great start! I'm not the only person they hired, so I'll probably only get 15-20 hours, but that's perfect! It gives me a chance to take a break from the baby, and be able to miss her. But it's also not too many hours that I have to be away from her, so she won't miss me too much. Thanks to everyone who was rooting for me and praying for me, and thanks be to God! I appreciate all the support. I'll keep everyone updated on my progress at my new job!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Job?

Recently, I interviewed with a retail establishment for a part time job. I did the first interview with the Assistant Manager two Saturdays ago. It went well, and I was told he would speak to the Store Manager about setting up the second interview. I didn't hear back from him, so I called the store back. I talked to the Store manager, and last Thursday, I had my second interview. It also went well, and was told that as long as the background check and drug test came back clear, I would be offered the job. So yesterday, I went and did the drug test. The results will be sent electronically to the store by tomorrow, and the results of the background check should be in by Friday. So, I am doing my best to wait patiently. Patience has never been my strong point, especially when it comes to job seeking. I will keep everyone posted. This job would be a great thing for me and Rex. It will help bring some extra money in, and since it's only a part time position, I can still spend plenty of time with the baby. I believe that God has opened this door for me, and I have done all I can. It's up to Him now, so please pray for me!

Thank you.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still unemployed.........

I have been unemployed for 15 months now. I was depressed at first, because I missed the people I worked with. Once I got used to it, I enjoyed it for a while. After about three months, I started hating it. I missed working. I tried to find a new job, and even went on a few interviews. I guess I wasn't what they were looking for, because I continued to be unemployed. I kept looking, but no luck. Nobody wanted what I had to offer. I began to doubt my own abilities, and became discouraged.

Amongst all the searching, I discovered I was pregnant. I kept searching for a job, because I knew we would need the extra income. I checked several online job sites, talked to some people I knew. No luck. Most businesses were on a hiring freeze, because the economy was going downhill. Still, I continued to look. As my pregnancy progressed, my searching slowed down. I knew my chances for finding a job were getting slimmer. Not too many places would want to hire me, then have me turn around and go on Maternity Leave.

By my seventh/eighth month of pregnancy, I decided I should give up until after I had the baby. It was hard for me, because I never saw myself as a housewife or stay-at-home mom. I enjoy working, and being around lots of people. I don't mind cleaning, as long as I get paid to do it. In my ninth month of pregnancy, I discovered the baby was breech, which meant I had to have a C-section. I was not thrilled about this discovery. C-sections require the mother to be mostly inactive for two weeks. I was practically confined to my bed, and wasn't allowed to go too many places.

Thankfully, those two weeks went quickly, and I was back to being able to do anything and go anywhere. I started wanting to look for a job, but we had no internet service, and were down to one car! So, looking for a job was limited to word-of-mouth, or an occasional day when I took Rex to work and kept the car. The baby was getting bigger, and I was "stuck" at home taking care of her. Don't get me wrong, I love my baby. I just never imagined I would be home every day, with nothing but housework and baby care to do. Of course, my situation should have motivated me to do something around the house. It didn't.

Then, Rex did our taxes, and we got a nice tax return. After buying a digital video camera, a 22in flat screen LCD television, and more stuff we needed for the baby, we were finally able to get cable TV and internet service. I was now able to go back to those job websites. My OB had already cleared me for full activity, so I could find a job! Of course, by then I was starting to feel guilty about wanting to go back to work. I convinced myself I was a bad mom for wanting to be at work, rather then at home. Rex reassured me that I was still a good mom, and encouraged me to look for work.

I started checking the job sites, but too many places are still not hiring. Some businesses are even closing their doors. People are losing their jobs or getting laid off. I started becoming discouraged again, then a friend of mine told me they were hiring where she works. I became excited, and decided to apply for the job opening. I went in yesterday, filled out the application, and took a "Personality Survey". Now, I just wait and pray. It's no longer up to me. I did my part. If this is the right job for me, God will allow it to happen. If it's not, I'll keep looking. I'm feeling pretty optimistic, but only God knows.

For anyone who has read this, I could use your prayers, too. Please ask that God reveal his plan for my employment. If He wants me to have this job, great. If He wants me to be a stay-at-home mom, I will do my best to accept it and adjust. I can only do what He wants.