Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Sports Series V

That's right, Summer Sports Series fans! It's that time of year again!

Two weeks ago, The Journey started our yearly Summer Sports Series, by picking teams and names. This year's theme was food, so our teams came up with these names: Team Cookie Monsters and Team Roasty, Toasty Marshmallows. By the end of the night's activities, the score was 150 to 25, in favor of The Cookie Monsters.

The Roasty, Toasty Marshmallows refused to put up with that. On Friday, we played Dodgeball, and Team RTM creamed Team CM, 7 games to 2. Team RTM earned 100 pts for their win, and received the 25 bonus points for Teamwork, since they worked well together to defeat Team CM. However, Team CM received the 25 bonus points for Sportsmanship, because they took their loss so well. The score was then 175 to 150, still in favor of Team Cookie Monsters.

On Saturday, we had our yearly Beach Trip to Huntington Beach. From what I heard, everyone had a great time, and the teams took each other on in a raucous game of Volleyball. I was unable to go myself, but apparently, Team RCM won again! So, congratulations to both teams for all their efforts, and if you would like to keep updated on the Summer Sports Series events, and the teams scores, visit The Journey's website, at for all the details!