Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day (as a Mommy)!

Well, today ended up better than I expected. I didn't get to spend the day with my mother or mother-in-law, but I had a great afternoon with Rex, my baby, and some great friends! We went to church, and did our usual Sunday routine (and enjoyed every minute of it!) The church's nursery staff painted the baby's hands, and put her little hand prints on a piece of construction paper with a very nice poem. I was so happy and so touched I started crying when Rex brought it (and the baby) to me in my classroom. We are going to frame it and keep it forever and ever!

Rex and I were invited to go to lunch with Shawn, Cristina, and Cristina's parents. We went to Qdoba (which we had never been to before), and I ate an awesome Taco Salad! I plan on going back again sometime to try something else on the menu. After lunch, we all went to Color Me Mine (which I again had never been to), and got to paint some ceramic items. Shawn's parents joined us, and the eight of us put our creative hats on.

Cristina's mom painted a large serving bowl (a beautiful shade of blue, with sponge detailing). Cristina's stepdad painted an adorable little frog, with some help from his wife. Shawn's mom painted a "dot bowl", and drew a stencil in the bottom (it was also beautiful). Shawn's dad did an awesome job painting a southwestern style palm tree. Cristina painted a plate for her cakes. She hand sketched a monkey onto the plate, and proceeded to paint it.

Rex painted a cute salt and pepper shaker set (a boy chef and a girl baker). I, myself, decided I wanted to paint a Sunflower Baby. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. It took me forever to decide what colors I wanted to paint it, then when my paints arrived, I couldn't figure out where to begin. When I finally jumped into the project, I kept getting frustrated, because I wanted it to be PERFECT. Rex kept trying to remind me that it didn't need to be perfect. Of course, what he said went in one ear and out the other. I was bound and determined to get it RIGHT. Of course, by the second coat of all the colors I chose, I gave up. But it still turned out CUTE!!!! I surprised myself. I fell in love with it, and am glad I chose to paint it.

Shawn was the most ambitious of all of us. His mom "helped" him pick out his project (he was painting it for her), and discovered he needed the largest variety of colors out of all of us! It is an adorable rabbit, wearing overalls, pushing a wheelbarrow full of vegetables. He said, "I feel like I'm building model planes again!" He has to go back for a second session, to complete his ambitious project. He ran out of time, because he had to head to church to play bass with the worship team. I believe his project approximately halfway completed. He better arrive early enough next time, to finish it!

I had so much fun today! I'm glad that Rex and I decided to spend the day with Shawn, Cristina, and their parents. It will definitely be a Mother's Day I will never forget! Thanks guys!

P.S. We don't get to pick up our projects for another week. I can't wait to see what it looks like once it's been glazed and fired!