Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Official!

On Thursday evening, I sat down with my boss and told him the news: I had decided that I would be resigning from my position. He took it well, but he was a little surprised. He said he was expecting me to tell him I needed to decrease my schedule even more. (That would not have helped, considering my salary was already barely covering childcare!) But he also said that he understood my need to do what was best for me and my family, respected my decision, and that I would be missed at the store. It was nice to be appreciated. He also asked me to submit a letter, so it will be in writing, and can be added to my employee file. I said absolutely, typed one out at home, and put it in his box the next morning when I went to work. It felt good to have it done and taken care of! My last day of work will be on March 1st.

I will miss my boss, because I really enjoyed working with him the nine months he has been there. He taught me more in those nine months, then I had learned in the year and a half I had already been working at the store. I was always comfortable talking to him about anything, or asking him any questions I had. It's the kind of boss I would strive to be. I will miss working in the Copy and Print Center, because I enjoyed learning to do so many different things! Helping the customers make their orders look the best possible made me feel good. I was never happy, until the finished product was something I was proud to present to the customer. It was hard, but it was fun! I will also miss most of the people I work with (some of them I haven't worked with long enough or often enough to know them well), because they have become my friends. I know that I will continue to keep in touch with most of them once I leave the company (since many of them are my friends on Facebook), and I also know that I will go back and visit as often as possible since I enjoy shopping there and always need ink for my printer!

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