Sunday, July 27, 2008

Congratulations Warriors!

We won the football game on Saturday, which caused us to win the entire series! Love Potion #1 was a tough team to beat, and it was really looking bleak for us Warriors. LP won all the first three events, and WOL were lagging behind. It wasn't until the awesome comeback at the volleyball game, that WOL came within a hair's breadth of the title! We were within 50 points! LP fought back furiously at the Wii Sports Showdown, but WOL managed to win both rounds! So the score was tied as of Friday night. Saturday was the deciding factor, and after a hard fought game between the teams, WOL prevailed! LP gave us some serious competition, but we managed to pull through! Warriors of Love were the victors! Love Potion was a great team to play against, and team captain Bart was always good at pushing his team to do their best. I did my bast as the captain of the Warriors, but because I'm pregnant, and was unable to play in three of the events, I appointed Cristina as my Co-Captain. She did a great job taking over when I wasn't available. Both teams played with a lot of heart, and this years teams had a lot of good sports. Several players were injured in some of the events, but they pulled through and persevered! Some even continued to play through their injuries, unless they were too severe, and they bowed out gracefully. Great job Journey members! I'm proud of ALL of you. I would have to say this has been the best year of competition of the last three years. We had NO poor sports this year, and everyone supported everyone else! That is truly awesome!

For final scores and more details, go to They should be updated soon!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Warriors finally won an event!

Yay Warriors of Love! Great comeback! Love Potion #1 is a hard team to play against, but you finally succeeded with a win! I'm so proud of you! I wish I could have been there to experience it with you. There's still plenty of time for us to turn everything around. Great game everyone! Everyone plays with plenty of heart and appreciation for their teammates AND opponents.

Now we have a true competition. Everyone is playing well, and enjoying themselves. There are two events left in the Series: Wii Sports on Friday 7/25, and Football on Saturday 7/26. At this point, it is truly anyone's game. Thanks to all of you who have participated, and those who continue to participate. We couldn't have reached these scores without you! For information about Summer Sports Series, and to find out the scores, visit or

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hope the camping trip went well.

I don't know who all went, and I haven't heard back from everyone, but from the ones I did talk to, I heard that it was a wonderful experience. I'm sorry that Rex and I missed it, but we had several very good reasons:

1) We were helping our friends Matt and Bridget move into their new apartment. We had to move everything from Ontario to San Bernardino. I helped on Friday, and Rex helped out both Friday and Saturday. We rested on Sunday. :-)

2) Rex doesn't like camping. He does not enjoy sleeping in a tent, in a sleeping bag, and not being able to shower, or use a normal toilet. (I heard about the "No Facilities" at the camp. Was there at least an outhouse, or some kind of indoor toilet?)

3) Rex's mom needed us, to take her to run some errands. It's only fair, since she's been loaning us her car for the last several months, until she has her last (hopefully) eye surgery, and her eye heals well enough for her to drive.

4) Last but not least, for those of you who don't know: Rex and I are having a baby! We are expecting our little bundle of joy on January 22, 2009! Of course, since it's my first pregnancy, there's even less guarantees on the due date, then there would normally be. We are so happy, and we're glad to share this experience with everyone in The Journey, and as of next year, we will have a new addition to the Journey family: Baby "Peanut" Arnold! (It's only a nickname, we are not actually going to name our baby "Peanut"!)

Hope everyone is well, and I will see some of you on Friday, at Fuel. We missed everyone last Friday, so we're glad Fuel is back at church! :-)