Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm the mother of a TWO YEAR OLD??!!

I can't believe my baby just turned 2 on January 7th!. These past two years have gone by so quickly! I remember when she was just a tiny little baby, totally dependent on Mommy and Daddy. Now she's a rambunctious toddler that wandres all over the place, and only needs Mommy and Daddy to prepare her food (she can feed herself), change her diaper (not potty trained yet), change her clothes (hasn't mastered the on and off by herself, but helps a lot!), kiss her boo-boos when she falls down, and read her books (because she understand all the words). I can't BELIEVE this!! Pretty soon, she won't need Mommy and Daddy to do anything for her (except maybe prepare her food for her, until she reaches junior high or high school)! As much as I complained about certain things when she was little, I don't want her to grow up! I wish she could stay this age forever. She's still cute, but she's so smart! Unfortunately, I have now choice, and I just have to watch helplessly as she gets older, and just do my best to help mold her into the person God wants her to be.

(I chose the current picture for my profile, because it was me at about her age. She looks so much like I did at this age!)


Rex said...

She is so big! I look at her and think about the days when she was our tiny bundle of baby, so dependent on us. Now she is pretty self-sufficient, and so much more mature! I can hardly wait to see how she turns out!!

Marla said...

It was supposed to be "she DOESN'T understand all the words). Oh well.....I think anyone who read it probably figured it out. I was kind of shooting from the hip on the whole thing, anyway. Typing as I was thinking, so my hands didn't catch up to my brain, as usual!

alane said...

She is growing up so fast! I was looking at the pictures of her on her birth announcement on my fridge the other day and thinking about how little she was then and how much she is growing and changing! Such a sweet girl.